How does it work?

Do you own a property for vacation rental? 
A flat, house, holiday cottage, or any other unusual accommodation?
Are you looking to increase rentals?

Place your ad with a description and photos, as you would do for any rental website. We then register you automatically on all these partner rental websites:

We retrieve the ads you already created.

You can manage all your activities on our website, whichever site the booking has been made through:

- You manage and modify a single schedule which is then automatically updated on all the websites: your own website if you have one, the tourist office’s, all the rental platforms where you have placed the ad.

- No risk of overbooking and seeing two different tenants arrive on the same date!

Gain time: a single app to manage your ads


Communicate like tourism professionals do (hotels, camp sites, high profitability holiday cottages, etc.)

Easy to manage without any computer knowledge

Tourism professionals have been using this simplified ad placement and management system for more than 15 years: camp sites, hotels, holiday homes, bed & breakfasts, etc.

This method will enable you to diversify the typology of your customers: business travellers, Chinese, German and Dutch tourists, hikers, bike riders, etc.

We will assist you to help you configure your account and familiarise yourself with our interface.

Once you have become a client and your ad has been placed, you will have access to the “owner” module that will enable you to manage all the booking sites.